About tank cleaning machines

When selecting tank cleaning machines, it's important to review methods such as manual cleaning, rotary wetting, spray balls and fill and drain.

Nowadays, revolutionary technology such as tank cleaning machines that rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360-degree pattern are bringing high levels of satisfaction with cleaning effectiveness.

These type of devices such as Gamajet, provide full-coverage and the cleaning occurs at the point in which the concentrated stream impacts the surface. It is this impact and the tangential force that radiates from that point which blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior.

The below series of articles you can find the most important factors about tank, barrel and vessel cleaning and how rotary impingement tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets. 

How to clean your industrial tanks in half-time at half the cost

When reviewing cleaning processes for industrial vessels and storage tank equipment, it is important to consider factors such as contamination, product quality to meet today’s strict market standards. Many processing facilities are operating at maximum production levels and looking to improve their efficiency when it comes to minimising downtime in cleaning of process machinery and storage tank equipment.

How to clean industrial processing and storage tank equipment in less than half the time at half the cost

OEM process machinery and storage tank equipment are commonly fitted with basic static spray balls. A static spray ball has a spherical shape with numerous 1 to 2 mm drilled holes and various inlet connections. i.e. weld, tube clipped, female threaded etc. 

Inefficiencies with static spray balls

Static spray balls are commonly used for CIP processes and have many disadvantages:

  • High water usage
  • High chemical usage
  • Inferior jet impact cleaning
  • Spray droplets creating a ‘mist’ before impacting target surface
  • Clogging of nozzle orifices / holes due to recirculation CIP process
  • Hot and cold washing of tank wall surfaces 

All of the above lead to longer CIP times, increased water, chemical usage and more importantly inferior cleaning of tank wall surfaces to avoid cross contamination, hence possible re-cleaning of process machinery and storage tank equipment. Re-cleaning of equipment may occur on numerous occasions throughout the day, week, month or year.

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A Comprehensive Tank Cleaning Optimisation Guide

Industrial tanks get extensive use in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and petrochemical processing applications. Companies commonly use process tanks, reactors, blenders, mixers, kettles, shipping containers or fermenters to complete these tasks.

Cleaning this equipment has been a long-standing challenge because a lot of the powders, granules and liquids are prone to clogging and clogging due to their viscous nature. Certain chemicals and residues can linger longer than others, and improper cleaning can negatively impact a company's bottom line.A Comprehensive Tank Cleaning Optimisation Guide

Fortunately, there are several viable solutions available with modern tank cleaning services and equipment. You get an increased safety level, it's better for the environment, and it can significantly lower your cleaning costs. Today's cleaning solutions can: 

  • Achieve 100% cleaning effectiveness
  • Decrease cleaning times by 75% to 85%
  • Eliminate or reduce confined space entry by 100%
  •  Increase productivity by 20%
  •  Reduce chemical and water usage by 70% to 80%
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Why Spray Balls are the worst choice in tank cleaning

Spray balls were originally designed as a chemical distributing device, relying purely on the amount of chemical, rather than the impact to clean. Today, with rising chemical and water treatment costs and discharge restrictions, quicker CIP cycles are required, using less chemical whilst combining impact cleaning. 

Conventional spray balls struggle to achieve this. The design of many spray balls also means that whatever foreign material enters the ball may not be able to escape, acting like a sieve until it blocks, which can lead to wasting a batch, tank cleaning becoming defective until maintenance is carried out, and increased bacteria counts.

There are better tank cleaners than spray ball technology. Even the newest spray balls are poor performers in comparison to rotary head cleaners. The upfront cost of replacing spray balls is quite small, taking into consideration the much higher operation costs of spray balls.The alternative to spray balls for better tank cleaning at lower costs

Independent studies of rotary head cleaners have shown dramatic decrease in cleaning cycle times, water consumption, chemical usage, and cleaning effectiveness, when compared to spray ball cleaners.

 Spray balls are not only costing businesses, they are also costing the earth. For every litre of water saved, your business contributes to less carbon footprint to our planet. With manufacturing currently experiencing relatively modest growth, literally every second counts.

Production times are dependent on cleaning cycles. If that time can be cut by just 10 seconds, profits can grow dramatically. Rotary head cleaners, such as Gamajet from Alfa Laval, can cut at least 40 seconds of cycle times. 

Spray Nozzle Engineering has demonstrated experience in tank cleaning solutions matched with reliable technical and after-sales support. Partnerships with the world leaders in tank cleaning equipment combined with in-house engineering and customisation delivers a product range to cover every tank cleaning, sanitising and wash-down application.


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Clean bulkheads with horizontal orbiting tank cleaning nozzles

The standard tank cleaning method for trailers has traditionally involved the vertical insertion of tank spinners through the centre manways. Despite this method has always been acceptable, this rarely cleans properly areas to prevent tank contamination. 

Gamajet Alfa Laval has created a solution for cleaning the notoriously hard-to-reach bulkheads in cargo tank: The Sidewinder. The Gamajet Sidewinder is a revolutionary, affordable accessory for achieving the most effective and efficient tanker, trailer, and railcar cleaning.

A revolutionary device for achieving the most effective tanker, trailer, and railcar cleaning, the Sidewinder enables a Gamajet Tank-cleaning device to be placed on its side, completely changing the nature of the nozzles’ orbit, enabling it to focus on the bulkheads. In effect, tankers can be cleaned in half the time.Clean bulkheads with horizontal orbiting tank cleaning nozzles

Instead of following an ellipse pattern across the tank wall, as is the case when spinners are inserted vertically, the Sidewinder enables the machine to form a figure-8 pattern sweeping the length of the tanker. With the implementation of a Sidewinder, the spinner will deliver 30 times more hits to the bulkheads, cleaning tankers in half the time with no shadow areas, according to Gamajet officials.

Coupled with Gamajet spinners, which are designed to easily handle 6m to 9m throw lengths, the Sidewinder enables wash stations to provide the most efficient and effective clean to every inch of the tanker, giving you a Total Spraying Solution for the toughest application.

Gamajet Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines are designed for 100% elimination of confined space entry and to replace the need for manual entry tank cleaning. They may be permanently installed or used portably from tank to tank. For the portable applications they are dynamically balanced so that they may be lowered into a tank on a flexible hose.

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Barrel wine racking wands

About wine barrel racking wands

Barrel racking wands such as Rack-it-Teer, are precision stainless steel spears, with patented locating finger and ‘positive-seal’ system that allows filling, decanting and oxygen purging without wasting gas.

Delivery of clean fluid is monitored via its sight glass and light adapter. With its patented extension system, Rack-It-Teer adapts to all barrel sizes, making it extremely versatile.

Barrel racking wands use gas pressure to transfer alcoholic beverages without agitation or oxidation. Barrel equipment is ideal for cellars that wish to reach high levels of racking cleanliness.

The Rack-It-Teer racking wand facilitates smoother cellar operations

barrel wine racking wands-1

Recently, Dave Bonighton of Mountain Goat Brewery identified advantages of the Rack-It-Teer saying, “We bought a Rack-It-Teer to help us fill and disgorge various beers through our set of whisky barrels. It makes our lives so much easier and treats the beer so gently. We’d recommend it to anyone using barrels.”

Wineries worldwide have successfully racked countless barrels with the Rack-It-Teer. An international winery stated, “We feel we are definitely softer on the wine and can taste the difference immediately after racking - the wine keeps its integrity.”

The Rack-it-Teer is preferred by operators for its good ergonomics and good locking mechanism. Operators are able to easily move from barrel to barrel, establishing a good air-tight seal every time and eliminate the need for adjustments. 

With over 25 years’ of fluid control and spraying solutions to the wine and beer processing industries in Australia and New Zealand, Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies an expanded range of automatic, decanting-filling gas spears by Rack-it-Teer. In addition to barrel racking equipment, Spray Nozzle Engineering also offers repairs and services Gamajet Alfa Laval tank cleaning equipment that is powerful, yet gentle on toast.


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Tank cleaning nozzles for breweries

When buying tank cleaning equipment for the brewing Industry, it is essential to choose tank cleaners that lower water and chemical consumption while maintaining optimum productivity.

Australian and New Zealand brewers look for machines that are fluid driven, and that deliver optimum cleaning in one cycle, so they can lower cleaning time and costs. Effective brewery tank cleaning solutions could save up to 80% of water and chemical consumption.

One of the most popular cleaning machines in beverage production, breweries and wineries, are Gamajet tank cleaner nozzles. They are designed to help industrial plants meet stringent sanitary and quality standards. 

The Gamajet tank cleaning machines provide a thorough clean at low to medium pressures and volumes while fitting in small openings, making it suitable for cleaning tote tanks and smaller tanks. 

The most popular tank cleaning machines for breweries are:

Gamajet PowerFlex

  • Powerful, sanitary tank cleaning for a variety of pressures and flows
  • Pressure: 1.4 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 94.6 to 492 l/min
  • Powerful clean up to 11.5kg of cleaning force at 7.5 m

Gamajet A8

  • The Lightest, Most Powerful, Large Tank Cleaning Machine
  • Pressure: 1.4 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 94.6 to 492 l/min
  • Superior clean power up to 18 kg of cleaning force at 7.5 m

Gamajet 9

  • Cost Effective Impingement Tank and Tote Cleaning
  • Pressure: 3 to 69 bar
  • Flow rate: 15.14 to 113.56  l/min
  • Cleans up to a 3 m radius

Gamajet 4

  • Most powerful & durable design
  • Pressure: Standard model (1.4 to 34.0 bar) & high pressure model (47.6 bar)
  • Flow rate: 114 to 1211 l/min
  • Cleans up to a 30.48 m radius

Gamajet Tank Cleaners

Brewers use clean-in-place (CIP) techniques to cut down the workload and make regular cleaning efficient and effective. Choosing the right tank cleaning equipment will dramatically contribute to the production of better beer.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies a large range of quality tank cleaning nozzles and CIP solutions for the beverage, brewery and winery industries.

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Best tank cleaning machines for large industrial and sanitary tanks

Selecting the right tank cleaning nozzle for large industrial or sanitary tanks require lots of considerations. Spray Nozzle Engineering has put together the below information to assist you in the selection of your tank cleaner. 

The majority of these tank cleaning nozzles use 80% less water, take 75% less time and allow for space saving, while maintaining maximum impact. All Gamajet CIP nozzles are fluid driven, eliminating the need for external power sources. 

Gamajet Rotary jet nozzles for large tank cleaning provide the same high-impact clean as a traditional, larger wine tank cleaners. But they are lighter, shorter and narrower, making it perfect for a variety of industries.


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Best tank cleaning machines for mid-sized tanks, barrels and drums

Food and beverage processing industries get great advantages when using rotary jet heads to clean their tanks and drums.

Tank cleaning machines such as Gamajet from Alfa Laval clean up to 85% faster and experience less tank downtime. They reduce water and chemical usage by up to 80% and increase productivity by up to 20%.

So, when tank cleaning devices are in place, it’s often hard to imagine making a switch. But there are compelling reasons to upgrade from traditional static spray balls, especially when there are little to no conversion costs.

Other key benefits of using rotary jet nozzles are:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning and the need for confined space entry
  • Prevent build-up of debris, cross-contamination of product and recalls
  • Cost-effectively food industry and government standards for cleanliness
  • Preserve product quality
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Best tank cleaning machines for small tanks, barrels and drums

Many wineries and beer producers commonly use spray balls to clean their tanks, drums and barrels due to the high cost that rotary jet heads have.

But the truth is that even though rotary jet heads may have a comparably higher cost than static spray balls, they typically offer a much better return on investment.

Rotary jet heads provide substantial long-term savings that continue to accrue after realising a full return on investment—which often occurs within less than a year—and in some cases, less than one week!

The dynamic movement and focused impact of the jets cut the costs associated with water and chemical usage by up to 80%. This leads to less tank downtime, more production time and higher yields.


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Tank Cleaning Saving Calculator

Find out how much a Gamajet or Alfa Laval Toftejorg tank cleaning device will save you!

The tank cleaning savings calculator estimates your potential time savings by optimising your tank cleaning process. Check it out and discover how much time you can produce product by drastically reducing time spent tank cleaning.

Check out our Gamajet tank cleaning range here

Whether you’re cleaning 80 foot process vessels with complex mixing systems, kettles, blenders, or totes, you need to ensure the job is done thoroughly, every time.

The importance of avoiding contamination, meeting regulatory standards, reaching sustainability goals, and ensuring product quality is paramount. Many plants operate on a 24-7-365 schedule, at maximum production. Under such pressure, efficiency and effectiveness are a must.

Gamajet understands this pressure, and has developed the best solution for automated tank cleaning in the food and beverage industry.

Our line of automated tank cleaning machines features self-cleaning designs, sanitary inlet adaptors, and they are made of FDA-approved materials.

Gamajet has proudly saved global food manufacturers billions of gallons of water and millions of hours of time, contributing to enormous increases in overall productivity.

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